The Story of Jesus

story-of-jesusThis morning I was looking for some music that would be appropriate preservice/post-service music for a funeral which I am doing today. Usually I use the same spotify playlist for each funeral I do.  Most of it is soft piano music.  This morning I wanted something different.  I did a quick search for Devotional Piano music and one of the albums that came up was called Piano Hymns.  Now I don’t listen to hymns very often but I do have a deep love of them and they are part of my Christian heritage.  They bring a lot of great memories to mind.

So I started playing the album to see what it was like. The first song that played was a song called “Tell Me The Story of Jesus.”  A song I have always liked. As I listened to that old hymn I began to think about the message of the funeral today. I have been seeking the Holy Spirit this week and have asked Him what He wants me to say.  I have done many, many funerals and the messages are pretty similar.  But I knew all week that this one is supposed to be different.  So I have asked this every day; “Father, what do You want to say to them?”

I have indeed heard from Him what He wants to communicate today but as I was listening to that hymn the Holy Spirit spoke these words to me. Tell them my story.  Tell them the story of Jesus.

Isn’t that we are all called to do as His children.  We tell others the story of Jesus, what He has done, what He paid for us, what happened after three days in the grave, what happened after appearing to the crowds, how he is active now, and what He is going to do for us at the Father’s appointed time.

We are not called as Christians, as Pastors, as Teachers, as friends etc to be elaborate and impressive on our own.  The gospel of Jesus is the most impressive thing truth to our existence and we must at all cost tell people that story.  God wants to save! God wants to call wayward children back to Himself!  God wants to cleanse the vilest sinner and make him or her clean.

So today as I speak to a crowd that may or may not know Jesus my duty is not my own message but my duty is to tell them the true story of Jesus.  His story changes everything!

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